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Status update. The old archive is now closed for you all. But the new archive is halfway done. It will be easily accessible for everyone (no registration). All files have already been moved. The design is done. Now all that is left is coding all the pages. Which takes a little longer than expected, but I promise you all that it will be worth it. I can’t imagine errors occuring anymore.

Remember that SB is a (big) hobby of mine. I do work fulltime and have other offline things that take my time. I do my best to keep SB open and up-to-date for you all :)

BP Media Status Update

Well I have decided: I am gonna invest my time to create you all a new error free BP Media. This is cheaper and less stressful than figuring out what is causing the errors to some of you.

This does mean that I will provide less updates (apart from the picture/news updates when available). So no old candids or whatever, because I will spend the spare time on recreating BPM. I hope you all will have a lil more patience.

Trust that I have tried everything to get it fixed, and have spent money on it too to get it fixed but the problems are too vague to pinpoint them. Until the new opening, the old archive will remain open but I have closed registration.

So, soon: a new archive with old and new Brad videos because also there, I still have lots to add in the future. My collection is a bottomless… Pitt ;)

Oh the innuendo…

BP Media…

Is currently being worked on behind the scenes to try and solve this (big) problem for everyone.

EDIT: From the people experiencing problems with this archive, could you check now and let me know what happens please? Thanks :)

EDIT 02: Though I appreciate the comments, telling me there is a critical error isn’t helpful as I am aware of that. If anyone that has a problem with BP Media can email me more info than just that, that might help. At the moment my host techies don’t have enough information on what is causing this error for some of you. If they cannot solve it I might have to delete the archive and start anew. Because letting them work on it, is costing me money at the moment, and I am not a rich person ;) This website costs a lot of money.

Little SB Admin Update

Hello everyone, here the admin speaking. I apologise for the small neglect on this website. Been busy with real life and that just comes first. Don’t worry: this is not the beginning of the end. I am still updated on all the pictures and appearances of Brad as far as I know. Today and tomorrow I will be cleaning up this large site. Content updates etc. Thank you for your understanding. Now let’s update ;)


A big thank you to Fan for helping out thru a very helpful donation.


A big thank you to Sue for helping out thru a very helpful donation.

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