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• x032 February 10 – Los Angeles, CA. Thanks to La_miga.
• x042 February 17 – Los Angeles, CA.
• x010 Books > Brad Pitt: by the editors of US Magazine .

FYI. Webmiss is all better, almost. Good enough to update again at least. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and emails, meant a lot. Big thanks to La_miga for keeping SB updated on the latest Brad news. Enjoy the (yummy) latest candids.


  1. Hmm.. good to see there’s a convo going :) But yea like few of you mentioned: Brad’s just simply taking a lil smoking break from whatever project or reason he is at that building. That’s all.

    Thanks for the kind words by the way, glad to be back!

  2. Brad was outside a studio building in LA where he has been rehearsing for Cogan’s Trade. You can’t smoke inside a building in LA so he went outside and some fans walked by, he also took pics with them. I don’t understand why anyone thinks anything is weird. His bike is parked out back because that is how he came to work.

  3. He was at a studio working, parked his bike out back both times and came outside to talk with friends, interact and do what he was doing.

  4. Olivia . It was weird for me as well … It’s first time I am afraid .. Never ever saw brad taking a rest or smoke so freely like that in the corner of a block or on pavement site .. :-p

  5. @Gaby:
    Well, to me it seems so weird that he just parked his bike and sits on the pavement, hugging and KISSING :D a fan …. smoking…. ! :/

  6. Firstly,I just came here after a long time and I did not know that Josan got sick … Hope you are doing well Josan….
    I wish you all health and wealth .. :-p
    Secondly,God damn it… He looks just like a 21 year old naughty boy who broke his cycle! Good lord , when is he going to be old? I just remember “The Legends of Fall” dialog : I thought Tristan will be never ever old ..
    I hope Brad never get old , he already looks fabulous! I love him so much and these pictures are so hot …
    Does he smoke usually? I thought he just quite it, sounds he does that for some fun sometimes … is that right guys?
    He is awesome in anyway … Love you Brad! ;) :)

  7. Does anybody know who makes the leather jacket Brad is wearing in those new candids from Feb. 17,2011 ? if anyone knows, please reply. Thanks!

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