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March 26 VistaVision, a new advertisement project?

Wikipedia might say VistaVision became obsolete… but it looks like someone forgot to tell RED that.
Take a look at the Facebook page of ?President at RED, Jarred Land.
Yes that is Brad Pitt at RED Studios Hollywood looking through what Jarred calls “VISTA”

Read more. Thanks Gabriella. Nothing much to find on this yet. Feel free to comment below or email me if you know more about this.

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March 25 BP Gallery Update

• x012 January 23 – Park City, UT
• x029 February 28 – LAX Airport – Los Angeles, CA
• x018 March 06 – LAX Airport – Los Angeles, CA
• x002 Photoshoot – Set 228
• x002 January 23 – True Story – Park City, UT

Thank you Vaska!

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March 25 Angelina Jolie Pitt: Diary of a Surgery

LOS ANGELES — TWO years ago I wrote about my choice to have a preventive double mastectomy. A simple blood test had revealed that I carried a mutation in the BRCA1 gene. It gave me an estimated 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer. I lost my mother, grandmother and aunt to cancer.

I wanted other women at risk to know about the options. I promised to follow up with any information that could be useful, including about my next preventive surgery, the removal of my ovaries and fallopian tubes.

I had been planning this for some time. It is a less complex surgery than the mastectomy, but its effects are more severe. It puts a woman into forced menopause. So I was readying myself physically and emotionally, discussing options with doctors, researching alternative medicine, and mapping my hormones for estrogen or progesterone replacement. But I felt I still had months to make the date.

Then two weeks ago I got a call from my doctor with blood-test results. “Your CA-125 is normal,” he said. I breathed a sigh of relief. That test measures the amount of the protein CA-125 in the blood, and is used to monitor ovarian cancer. I have it every year because of my family history.

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March 21 HBO Films Acquires David Oyelowo’s ‘Nightingale’ For May Premiere

HBO Films has acquired Nightingale starring David Oyelowo (Selma) for a May 29 premiere. Directed by Elliott Lester from a screenplay by Frederick Mensch, Nightingale is a single-character drama that probes the darkest corners of a disturbed mind, as a war veteran begins to unravel thread by thread. The searing story of solitude and isolation offers a poignant look at how life has failed one man.

Plan B Entertainment produced Nightingale with BN Films in association with Sea Smoke Entertainment and Yoruba Saxon Productions. Josh Weinstock, Katrina Wolfe, Elliott Lester, and Oyelowo are exec producers as well as Plan B’s Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner.

“We are proud to be partnered with Plan B on this bold and powerful film,” said Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. “This extraordinary solo performance by the incomparably talented David Oyelowo clearly demonstrates why he is one of the most gifted actors today.”

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March 21 Stephen King’s ‘The Jaunt’ Targets ‘Mama’ Director

Brad Pitt’s Plan B Productions have optioned the 1981 Stephen King short story The Jaunt for a feature adaptation. The production company has attached Andres Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti, the filmmakers behind the 2013 thriller Mama, to develop the adaptation, with Andres Muschietti possibly directing. As per his standard practice, Stephen King sold his option to the short story for just $1, with the filmmakers given a 90-day window to set a writer in place and make headway in the development process. If enough progress is made within that time frame, no more money changes hands, so look for this project to develop quickly.

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March 21 Alpha mention

From an interview with author Daniel H. Wilson.

How is this research going to be reflected in your upcoming work?

I am writing this screenplay for Lionsgate called Alpha with Plan B [Brad Pitt’s production company]. Although there was just an article the other day that made me sad. The movie Big Hero 6 was based on my graduate school advisor Chris Atkeson’s research on inflatable medical robots. He is interviewed in The Escapist Magazine and mentioned me; he said he was “saddened” his student decided to portray robots in a negative light with the Robopocalypse. I just dashed off an email to him letting him know that my latest project is very pro-robot. He will be very happy whenever he sees it. The robots are heroes, instead of villains.

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March 21 Hulu Sets ‘Deadbeat’ Season 2 Debut with James Franco Among Guest Stars

Hulu is bringing back quirky supernatural comedy “Deadbeat,” with the second season of the original series produced by Lionsgate Television set to debut April 20 for the Internet-streaming service’s premium subscribers.

The show’s season two premiere will come nearly a full year after Hulu announced the renewal for the show at the 2014 Digital Content NewFronts in New York in April 2014. All 13 episodes will be available on the Hulu Plus subscription service on April 20.

“Deadbeat” stars Tyler Labine (“Monsters University,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”) as medium-for-hire Kevin Pacalioglu, who tries to solve unresolved worldly problems of dead people so they can rest in peace.

“Deadbeat” season two will feature guest stars including James Franco, Danny DeVito, Fred Armisen, Michael Ian Black, Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Norton, Zach Levi and Finn Wittrock.

Created by Cody Heller and Brett Konner (“Wilfred,” “The Inbetweeners”), “Deadbeat” is produced by Lionsgate Television in association with Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment and Dakota Pictures. Executive producers are Heller; Konner; Dan Lagana (“Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous”), who also serves as showrunner; and Plan B’s Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner. Co-executive producers are Sarah Esberg, Don Poquette and David Baldy.

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