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August 18 Brad Pitt’s Sunglasses

Brad Pitt is recognized world-wide for his amazing acting on the big screen and his classic, suave style. Not only that, but he is the spouse of the beautiful actress, director and UN humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, and the father to multiple beautiful children.

When it comes to style, his taste in fashion has changed over the years – from trendy to edgy to rugged and everything in between – but he continues to surprise us and inspire us. In fact, an essential part of his look that is often overlooked is his choice of accessories – particularly his sunglasses.


So, which ones are his favorite? Check out this post all about Brad Pitt’s favorite sunglasses to see for yourself!

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July 26 Happy Birthday SimplyBrad.com!

Well… this month this year SimplyBrad.com turned 10 years old. That’s quite something I suppose. Still going strong as long as Brad keeps me occupied with his many ventures into film, art, architecture and wine (to name a few). Keep it up Brad! Been following his career since 1994 ^^ And thank you to all the visitors that have helped SB in many ways! I hope you will continue with the support as it is much appreciated.

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July 15 BP Gallery Update

• x079 June 06 – LAX Airport – Los Angeles, CA.
• x007 June 07 – Charles de Gaulles Airport – Paris, France.
• x001 May 19 – Neil Diamond concert – Los Angeles, CA.
• x002 May 20, 2009 – Inglourious Basterds (Photocall) – Cannes, France.
• x006 May 26 – LAX Airport – Los Angeles, CA.
• x005 May 26 – Los Angeles, CA.

• x006 May 26 – Whitney Museum of American Art – New York City, NY.
• x005 May 31 – Los Angeles, CA.
• x005 Encounters – Brad and?.
• x001 Tree of Life – Stills.
• x005 August 17, 2011 – ?.
• x001 Photoshoots – Set 180.

Thanks also Vaska!

PS. I’m sorry for the delay in updates, my heart is still with SB but life happens, in a good way =) I try hard to keep up with the news. Will work on subpages as well. Keep you updated. I also had some bills to pay concerning SB, if you are able to contribute, please do. I make no profit with this site nor is that my goal. Cheers, your webmiss J.

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January 07 Help SB

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Thank you!

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December 30 Happy Bradful 2015

2015 will be the 10th anniversary of SimplyBrad.com! Still going strong haters and lovers ^^ I would like to thank all you visitors from around the world that visit my website. Thank you for your support! I am looking forward to what the new year will bring when it comes to all things Brad <3

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December 07 New Design

Hello visitors, as you can see: a new design after gosh.. 2 years. Time goes by so fast and Brad is so busy with his many projects. It is hard to keep up since I the webmiss also leads a pretty busy life. But we are nearing the tenth year of SimplyBrad.com and I have to say I still love working on providing you the latest and greatest of Brad Pitt. I hope you will all continue visiting SB! Thank you Neon Candy for this design. And thanks Brad for keeping us all amazed and entertained =)

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October 20 Help Wanted

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. I was on vacation (Thailand) and my dear friend La_miga who usually takes care of SB unfortunately broke her laptop. I am home now and will make up for all that I, and you, have missed when it comes to Brad. I realise it is a lot. I am terribly sorry.

I was wondering if there are excited people out there who are willing to help out by contributing news, pictures, scans etc? Please send me an email (webmaster@simplybrad.com) with your abilities :) This is a serious request.

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