Webmiss away..

Yes, I’m gonna be away for a week, lil break. My lovely friend La_miga will take over the updates as time allows her. Pictures will be added as soon as I get back home. You won’t even miss me, I’ll be that fast :) Have a nice week everyone!

5 Years of!

Still is rather quiet on the site and forum. Not an intended hiatus, there is just no news or new pics so I´ve taken the moment to chill a bit. Am planning on updating several section of the site this month tho so stay tuned for old stuff. Brad will also start filming Moneyball this month so hopefully there will be picture updates.

I also just realised the other day that it is exactly 5 years ago since I´ve registered and opened Yay, we´re 5 years old. Lots of stuff went down when this website opened and the website has grown into something beautiful and more than I had ever expected with all its sections: the Press Archive, Forum, Media Archive and of course the largest Image Gallery on the web. Note that the picture used for this update was taken July, 2005 so exactly 5 years ago. It was also then used for the very first SB design. Besides that, it’s one shexy pic.

I´ve definitely no desire whatsoever to give up on this place and will continue to work hard on keeping the best, original and most informative network about Brad Pitt. Thanks to all my Brad friends that have helped me all these years and still are. Keep on visiting!

PS. I also want to clear up something that has caught my eye and ear: as many of you loyal visitors know by now, I always post a happy birthday post for Brad, Angelina and their children. This year however I have not posted one for Angelina. This is due to the fact that I just forgot about it. Plain and simple. So, it wasn’t on purpose, I’m only human and I too forget things. Her birthdate is not branded in my memory like Brad’s is cuz I’m a Brad fan. Next year Angie will get an awesome happy birthday thread like she will every year here, on SB. So don’t be hating on me for this one lil thing, I still think Angie is lovely. Happy belated birthday Angelina.

New Design!

As promised a lil while ago: a new main design for! I love it. It has been designed and coded by the wonderful Tran from TXX Productions. The photoshoot used is from 2007 and was featured in V magazine. One of my favorites. Alright, hope you like it as much as I do.


A big thank you to Sue for helping out thru a very helpful donation.


A big thank you to Gabriella and Fan for helping out thru a very helpful donation.

Webmiss babbling..

Hey everyone, there’s still not a lot of news to share about the world of Brad. It seems he is taking some well earned time off to spend with his lovely family in Europe. Good on ya Brad! In the meantime, SB is a bit quiet. Webmiss has come home from her long vacation, been sick and very busy with my job, there has not been much time to update. But it would only be old stuff at this point. I know I promised a brand new design and it’s coming, it just is taking a lil while longer.

If you’ve any fun ideas that would liven this place up, please feel free to email me. And just a little reminder: I am not in contact with Brad Pitt, I really am not. I still get emails asking Brad Pitt to please fund whatever project or family. I can not help you, I’m sorry. Can’t forward your emails.

Also, the yearly majorly big website bills are coming in and I would like to kindly ask that if you are able to contribute, to please consider it. I pay all the costs (hosting, domains, HQ pictures etc) of this very large website from my own pocket. (Yes, there are some google ads, but they definitely do not cover even 10% of the bills.) In any case, just putting it out there. Do not feel obliged. Thank you to everyone that has contributed in the past, it definitely helps. Thank you.

Backstage SB Stuff

Hello everyone. Not a lot of updates, I know. Well to be fair, there hasn’t been much Brad news apart from the candid appearances. Thus I am using this time to do some site maintainance. So updating scripts and refreshing stuff. There will also be a new main design soon. I will add some older pics this week.

I just accidentally deleted some new members that registered to the gallery. I am terribly sorry about that, I cannot fix that now as I don’t know who it was. My apologies, won’t happen again. Please register anew.

Also wanna take this opportunity to ask Alero, if she reads this, to contact me thru email. Thank you.

Moderator with technical issues

I saw the latest comments and i have to say that i had a huge technical issue with my laptop two days ago: i’ve lost ALL my documents and my laptop bc that virus is surfing Internet and im not able to update the new pics lately.

Josan is back on tuesday so im sure if i cant post this weekend the latest stuff, she will bring the best pictures as SB always has.

Im so sorry and ask for comprension. I only want the best for SB and im bringing my help trying my best. Forum is always open, so the fans that want to colaborate with SB can do it there brinding pics or articles. I am looking after SB backstage.

Noe (aka la_miga)