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  1. Bill says:

    Thank you so much for the information Nanda! I can’t make this one as I won’t be in LA, but I’m definitely going to scan the comments section more often because maybe I’ll be able to attend another event that you are aware of!!

  2. Nanda says:

    Hey Bill!! It’s tomorrow, june 5th !!
    And you can get tickets at 1iota.com :)

  3. Bill says:

    Hi Nanda,

    Do you mean 6/5 or 6/12? If you mean 6/12 I may be able to go…do you have any advice on getting tickets, etc?

  4. admin says:

    Haha Bill, just enjoy the pics :) thank you for visiting!

  5. Nanda says:

    Hey, L.A fans! I’m pretty sure Brad will be at THE GROVE Pacific Theater for a screening of World War Z THIS WEDNESDAY at 7pm!
    I have tickets to go but I can’t because of work! I’m beyond depressed right now.

  6. Bill says:

    @ Admin: Yes a great magician like yourself certainly can’t reveal his tricks. Maybe one day you will let me know though!

    On a side note I love your site. I visit it daily and read everything you post. As a 22 year old student it is hard for me to contribute but one day soon I will hopefully be able to.

    I am looking forward to the next series of posts!

  7. Norma says:

    OMG! He made me blush with all his wonderful comments about how much he is in AWE of Angie!! I love them both and always wish them the best!!!

  8. Nanda says:

    Haha well it’s actually from a friend of mine who works at the Sugar Loaf in Rio, he’ll be going up there for an interview and this friend is escorting him!! :)

  9. admin says:

    Thank you Nanda. May I ask what your source is? :)

  10. Anne Denham says:

    Omg how beautiful this couple,beautiful family,god bless the Jolie Pitts family

  11. Nanda says:

    Hey! You can add to the calendar: June 22nd Brad, Angelina and the kids will be arriving in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a premiere of World War Z. THEY’RE FINALLY COMING TO MY CITY!!!!!!!!
    (and now I’m living in L.A =/ )

  12. MaryAnne says:

    They both look so beautiful and truly smitten.

    With his Angelina by his side and great buzz on the film (so glad to hear too), no wonder he looks so happy!!

    Thank you so, so much!!!!

  13. admin says:

    Haha a magician cannot reveal… but it makes me happy that you visit my site and enjoy it. Then it is worth my effort :)

  14. Bill says:

    Absolutely stunning photos! I must ask how do you get such high quality photos on such short notice? You are a magician, any chance you will reveal your secret?