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February 25 World War Z Gallery Update

• x270 World War Z – DVD Movie Screencaps.
• x016 World War Z – DVD Extra: Origins.

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January 09 Plan B Mention

From an interview with Sumner Redstone, leader of CBS and Viacom/Paramount.

Brad Pitt’s Plan B company, which made World War Z for Paramount, is leaving for New Regency. Does that concern you?

Well, people have a right to go where they want. But I think Paramount is the best studio in the world. And Brad [Grey] is the best studio leader in the world, in my opinion. I hired him!

Is it true David Geffen encouraged you to hire Grey and then encouraged you to un-hire him?

I had no discussions that I recall with David Geffen. I don’t need anyone’s advice, like David’s, about hiring Brad [Grey]. Brad is great. He was great with [management company Brillstein-Grey]. But he [might make] less money running the studio. He wanted to be a studio head.

So, when there’s studio politics, like the fact that Plan B didn’t make 12 Years a Slave for Paramount and the film is now a leading Oscar contender, do you care?

Of course I care. I care about everything that affects the studio or any part of Viacom/CBS. Anyone is entitled to go where they want. A lot of people favor Paramount. Those who do are the ones who are right.

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October 03 Marc Forster Reportedly WON’T Return To Helm WORLD WAR Z Sequel

World War Z was far from the big budget flop many expected, although it appears as if those reports about Brad Pitt and Marc Forster not getting along were completely true, as the Quantum of Solace director won’t be back for the sequel according to a new report.

We all know about the numerous reshoots and the need for a completely new ending, but another issue on the set of World War Z was apparently the fact that director Marc Forster and star/producer Brad Pitt weren’t getting along because of those production problems. The two completely stopped speaking at one point, although those involved with the film – which unexpectedly became a huge hit when it was released back in June – have strenuously denied this on more than once occasion. Well, in a report over at The Hollywood Reporter, they say that Pitt’s production company ARE working on a sequel, but “director Marc Forster won’t be back.” Pitt adds that, “We are talking about it. We are going to investigate a script. We have a lot of ideas we will cull from. Nobody is writing just yet, but we are compiling our ideas.” World War Z earned a worldwide total of $539 million, so expect to see a follow-up sooner rather than later!

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September 18 BP Gallery Update

• x057 Awardshows, Photoshoots, Misc., Movies. Also thanks to Gabriella & Maria.

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August 02 There’s no fuel like the fury of the undead

Just ask Brad Pitt. He has spent weeks running on it, circling the globe, crashing movie theaters and introducing audiences to his mega-zombie thriller World War Z, in theaters today.

After years of being “drawn to the smaller, more intimate films,” like Tree of Life and Killing Them Softly, Pitt has done an about-face with World War Z. “It’s a monster of a film,” he says, made for two young zombie fans: his oldest boys with Angelina Jolie, Maddox, 11 and Pax, 9.

The popcorn flick hits theaters six months after its original release date, thanks to reshoots and a newly scripted ending. But if you were expecting Pitt to hedge about the sweat equity involved in finally releasing this morphing 3-D blockbuster, you’ve got the wrong man.

“Listen, I’m pretty proud of this film,” he says on a warm Los Angeles afternoon in May, dressed in black and hair tied back, those famous blue eyes twinkling. “I’ve really enjoyed especially this last six months, getting back in there and fixing it.”

More on that later. In War Z, Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator confronted by a raging worldwide pandemic of rabid zombies. This is apocalypse by extinction, and Lane is forced to leave his wife (the Globe and Emmy-nominated Mireille Enos) and two daughters to combat a threat multiplying by the hour.

Even among zombies, Gerry Lane might be the most relatable character Pitt has played in years: a father as tough as Bourne but fairly fallible, steadfast as Bond, yet hardly as skilled. “He’s someone who has special skills and has been in war zones, and crisis was his background. But at the same time he’s this everyman,” says director Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace).

“Gerry Lane,” Pitt chuckles. “One of the worst names in film ever. It was appropriate. I don’t know why it’s appropriate. Gerry with a ‘G’. He’s the anti-action hero. It’s an anti-action hero name.”

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August 02 BP Gallery Update

• x025 July 29 – World War Z – Tokyo, Japan.

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July 30 World War Z @Tokyo

• x019 July 28 – Haneda International Airport – Tokyo, Japan.
• x009 July 29 – World War Z – Tokyo, Japan.

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