1. ita Gracie..Man looks so hot, esp in these clothes.
    So rugged, so sexy, so young.
    tx Josie.

    I got news from Hungary (take with grain of salt please)
    the mayor of the town of Tihany in Lake Balaton was asked if it is true the family will be arriving in August.
    his reply to the Hungarian press was, I cannot confirm
    a yes or a no”
    being a politician, I think this means yes.

    The studio in a town nearby has WWZ sheduled for August but I am not sure Brad will be needed for those shoots.
    We shall see.
    Tihany in Lake Balaton is so lovely and very exclusive & expensive. They have several villas there & one in particular belonged long time ago to a royal connection.
    Since the fall of Communism (they made a hotel out of it ) I hear it was refurbished & bought by a private person.
    It is on the Lake and very hidden.


  2. How is it possible that this man seems to never get old? He’s not as ever….
    Thanks Josan for the pics, as always.

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