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Hi, just letting you all know that if you have sent me an email and you have not yet received a reply by now: that is because I had to format my pc today and lost all the emails in the website account. So please email me again if possible.

And on that note I also want to again let it be known that I am not in contact with Brad Pitt, or the Make It Right organisation and I have no idea how to contact Brad. If I did: I would not share it. So please do not email me thinking I am or am in contact with Brad. I’m not. Gosh this must sound ridiculous to most of you, but yes, I do get such emails. I am just a girl with a fansite folks. Thanks.

EDIT: My apologies, I had to reboot it all again. So, lol sorry, but I didn’t receive any emails that may have been sent. It should all be good again now. Don’t we love puters..


  1. Hi there! hope you to be great! well you can’t imagine how I felt when you said that you are not in any connection with brad or his manager! Gosh,this site is so perfect that all this past year I thought it belongs to Brad or some thing like that! Girl,you are fasinating! your site is exellent for some one like you without any connection to any where! I wanted just to thank you for every thing! and I wanna know even Bradpitt gallery and all those sites are managing by you? Great Girl! about the email I got a little bit sad! you know I have mailed you my favourite picture and also some quotes,but no matter I am going do it again! just the problem is that I am living in Iran right now and the speed is so low! I will do it again! I appriciate all your quests and I am really thankful! you are the best source for me! always check your site girl! love you! Bye now

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