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Hi, just letting you all know that if you have sent me an email and you have not yet received a reply by now: that is because I had to format my pc today and lost all the emails in the website account. So please email me again if possible.

And on that note I also want to again let it be known that I am not in contact with Brad Pitt, or the Make It Right organisation and I have no idea how to contact Brad. If I did: I would not share it. So please do not email me thinking I am or am in contact with Brad. I’m not. Gosh this must sound ridiculous to most of you, but yes, I do get such emails. I am just a girl with a fansite folks. Thanks.

EDIT: My apologies, I had to reboot it all again. So, lol sorry, but I didn’t receive any emails that may have been sent. It should all be good again now. Don’t we love puters..

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