So… I don’t usually check up on any other BP websites, just cause I don’t want the drama. But there is this Brasilian website, and you know who you are when you read this. That is stealing all of my images and even the pages I personally write. They just translate it to their language.

I see they haven’t found time yet to translate my Radio and Documentaries page, so that’s not available yet 😂 But be sure to expect that soon. Maybe I can do your updates too? Just use Google Translate?

Now really, is this how you can be proud of your site? Just stealing someone else’s work they’ve been creating since 2005? Really? You can’t even come up with your own sentences? Your own words? Your own pictures? Shame on you. Shame on you for just taking everything on without any credit or mention and call it your own.

Should I take it as a compliment?

SB has survived many so called fansites and I will survive this one too, but yuck. Karma will get you.