SB Forum

After a long period of registration that involved emailing me, I have now had some time to work on an easier way for you all who are interested in a forum account. Just register yourself again :) I hope I have implemented enough precautions for the unwanted bot spammers. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I also realise my forum is not so popular/busy but I guess that’s due to preference and where your friends are. Once again: everyone is very welcome! Comesi comesi. Looking for active talkative new members!


  1. Thanks Norma! This would be awesome for the forum to post at but I am glad it somehow found a way to sb nevertheless. Appreciate it :)

  2. Hi All,
    I know this may not be the right place to post this. But it was posted on my facebook page. I just would like to share. I don’t know what magazine is this! ENJOY!! Brad and kids are all on a boat having a loving fabulous time!!

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