Whole new forum

Yep, a whole new forum, we moved. All of the members came with and your posts are there too. It should be a smooth transfer and so far it has. I apologize for the downtime last night, no access to the old forum. Well, with this change, and the more attractive layout and many new features, I hope it triggers all you visitors to either register or join in or start discussions, since we’re all about Brad and everything he does and seems to love.

Also feel free to discuss anything off topic like other movies, celebrities, tv shows, music, books, anything you wanna discuss about. We’re a friendly open bunch!

I’m looking for Brad fans who are wanting to help out and make the forum more active, thru news, discussions, anything, PM me with your ideas.

And registration is open, and won’t need admin approval. I do keep a close eye on activity however.

Please come visit us at SimplyBradForum.com


  1. Brad is either in Los Angeles or New York. I don’t see a reason for him to be in Brasil right now.

  2. I kinda like the old site format. Does anyone know where is Brad at the moment? Some says he is brazil, some says it is just rumor. which is true?

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