Jessica Chastain on The Tree Of Life

Total Film caught up with her to talk Malick, Brad Pitt and being almost famous…

On her character, Mrs O’ Brien…

“She’s the perfect mother. She sort of represents the unattainable; she’s the kind of mother I would love to be. She’s the embodiment of grace and compassion, of putting others before yourself.

I’m a similar character in Take Shelter. So I’m playing two good mothers in Cannes!”

On working with Brad Pitt…

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Projects section update

I got off my ass and updated the following movie pages from the Projects section. I know not many of you venture there but I love these subpages very much. SB is all about the correct Brad information, whether it comes to his interviews or work or general information. These pages take some time but every now and then, I manage to find some. Enjoy. Still looking for some help on the Biography page please.

Back to Malta soon?

Hollywood star Brad Pitt is expected back in Malta for the filming of the Paramount zombie blockbuster World War Z, with shooting starting next month for about three weeks.

Cinema industry sources said the American actor was likely to have his star-studded family in tow. He should be accompanied by the equally celebrated actress Angelina Jolie. Labelled the sexiest stars in film history and attracting major global media attention, the couple has six adopted and biological children.

Brad Pitt was last in Malta in 2003 for the filming of the ancient epic Troy in which he played the mightiest of the Greeks, Achilles. This time round, he is a United Nations worker and father of two girls in the big-budget movie he is also producing.

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