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  1. la_miga says:

    Querido Anónimo:

    Quizás no te habrás dado cuento pero esta web site (lo mismo que la mía) es para el apoyo del trabajo de Brad y su familia. Aquí no encontrarás esos artículos que parece que te gusta leer sobre la última basura publicada por los Jolie-Pitt. Además, si no puedes esperar unos segundos para ver tu verborrea publicada, muy típica de los fanáticos como tú que nos dejan a los demás a la altura del betún, quizás deberías buscarte un nombre en vez de escondarte tras un “Anónimo”.

    Dear Anonimmus;

    Maybe you didnt realized but this website (and my own) is for supporting Brad’s work, carreer and his family. Here you arent gonna find out the gossip you are enjoying too much and believing lately. Intead, if you cant wait a few seconds for reading your speech published, so typicall from fan-atics like you that make the rest of us seem lunatics, maybe you should show your real name and not and “anonimmus” login.

  2. admin says:

    Please comment in english. I don’t understand you but I think you comment on why comments need approval (one time only), this is to prevent spam (unsollicited comments with links to advertisement/dangerous websites). Thank you for understanding, please continue in english so everyone can read your comments :)

  3. anonimo says:

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