December 18, 2013
by admin / Brad

It’s quite unlikely that Brad will ever read this but still… wishes Brad a lovely birthday and many beautiful loving years to come. Thank you for continuing to share your amazing talents and big heart with the world. Keep it up and may you have a great birthday together with your loved ones x

November 30, 2013
by admin /

After a long period of registration that involved emailing me, I have now had some time to work on an easier way for you all who are interested in a forum account. Just register yourself again :) I hope I have implemented enough precautions for the unwanted bot spammers. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I also realise my forum is not so popular/busy but I guess that’s due to preference and where your friends are. Once again: everyone is very welcome! Comesi comesi. Looking for active talkative new members!

May 27, 2013
by admin /

Hey everyone, as you might have noticed the updates are a bit slow, that is all due to real life kicking in. I really am having a hard time juggling this website. Plus, my resources are low. I was wondering if there are excited people out there who are willing to help out by contributing news, pictures, scans etc? Please send me an email with your abilities :) This is a serious request. (

April 29, 2013
by admin /

Thank you Fan and Sue for your donation!

If you want to help out a lil and you can spare a few, please consider to donate to All donations are welcome and of course not obligated. All donations go straight into the network.

April 13, 2013
by admin /

The (very big) yearly bills are flowing in at the moment. If you could spare a few bucks… then please donate. All donations are welcome and of course not obligated. It would make life a lil easier on the webmiss however. All donations go straight into Thank you!

December 25, 2012
by admin /