December 23, 2012
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Thank you Sue for your very generous donation!!

If you want to help out a lil and you can spare a few, please consider to donate to All donations are welcome and of course not obligated. All donations go straight into the network.

December 18, 2012
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It’s quite unlikely that Brad will ever read this but still… wishes Brad a lovely birthday and many beautiful loving years to come. Thank you for continuing to share your amazing talents and big heart with the world. Keep it up and may you have a great birthday together with your loved ones x

November 5, 2012 is proud to announce a Killing Them Softly GiveAway! This award promising movie will be released november 30th!

What do you need to do? Just leave a reply and be sure to use your active emailaddress. You will have to be located in the US and be willing to provide me your address within two days of the ending of the giveaway (which will be november 15, 2012) otherwise I will select a new winner. One winner will be chosen at random. FYI: Giveaway closed now.

– 10 different Killing Them Softly mini Promo posters (previews on the bottom of this post)
– Cogan’s Trade the book by George V. Higgins (the book the film is based on)

Be sure to visit the official Facebook and Twitter pages!

September 6, 2012

So it is time to update some subpages I think. Don’t know if people actually visit them but they are rather fun to me cause it is true info! So tonight I have added the latest finished projects to the Movies section. Previews below. I have also added a new Theatre page to the Projects section, this is about his first ever threatrical production 8.

September 2, 2012

• x022 BOOKS > In Times of Architecture Need. This is a fascinating book about the rebuilding of New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward with Make It Right. Brad provided an inspiring foreword. Please give credit.

PS. I know there have not been many updates here, but that is only because I do not post everything that is out there. I could fill up this website with all sorts of crap every day but I think my loyal visitors know that SB is not like that. I will only provide newsworthy stuff and add content when I have time. For the people that have complained about me not updating (yes, people email me about that): I work full time and try to have a private life, please respect that. I will always give my all for this website as it is my baby <3 Thank you.

July 12, 2012
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