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A massive huge thank you to my much loved reliable long time Bradfan friend La_miga for taking care of my baby (SB) over the weekend and whenever I need a lil break from the world. Thanks sweetie <3 Everyone, I'm not feeling so awesome at the moment but I'm doing my best to go thru all the news and updates and adds to be done. If only to put a lovely smile on all your faces. Brad does that with people it seems, he does for me ;) Enjoy! And hurray for La_miga please.

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Most of the little errors have now been fixed thanks to the lovely Christine from Thank you for your help and patience with making looking oh so pretty once again. And thank you visitors for your patience!

Be sure to check her design website and recommend it to your friends =)

Give away: Easy Canvas Prints

Yup, another one my fellow Brad admirers! Listen up. The lovely people at Easy Canvas Prints approached me if was interested in a giveaway for a lovely 8″x10″ canvas of Brad (or whatever picture you would like, it is upto you really). Of course we are!

What do you need to do? Just leave a comment if you’re interested in winning this. I will pick out a winner by the simple name-on-paper-and-pick-paper-in-bowl-technique to make it totally unbiased.

Closing date January 12th, 2012.

Thank you Easy Canvas Prints for this opportunity! Be sure to check out their website, they provide a really fun and useful service. Great idea for an easy birthday gift for example.

They also have a great Facebook page. If you ‘Like’ them, you can get 50% off your first purchase even.

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Yea it was about time got a new look, wasn’t it? Behold, the awesomest design made exclusively for SB by Thank you very much! It is best viewed in Firefox, so I recommend that. Working on making it perfect in IE too. Still some small bumps in the road but I didn’t wanna keep it from you any longer =) Let me know what you think?

Happy 2012 everyone!

Happy belated new year everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous time during Christmas and New Year’s. Your webmiss sure did haha. Alright, onto the more important stuff: will have some lovely things coming up. As I’ve said many times before; my website is a continuous work in progress. Lately my time is a bit limited but the love is still there and I am rather excited about some upcoming SB things. So stay tuned and enjoy. Thinking 2012 will be an awesome year for Brad and thus us Brad lovers!

The NY Times: ‘Don’t Forget: He Acts, Too’

IF there is one facet of Brad Pitt that could be considered somewhat obscure, it may be — oddly enough — his acting career. For much of his two decades in the spotlight, since his breakthrough as a ripped, sweet-talking grifter in “Thelma and Louise” (1991) and even more so since “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (2005), a movie that spawned a tabloid cottage industry, Mr. Pitt has been a star first and an actor second. His every move — on film sets and red carpets and humanitarian missions, often with a hard-to-miss entourage that includes his partner, Angelina Jolie, and their six children — provides endless fodder for the celebrity media. But the Brad Pitt on screen remains surprisingly elusive.

The central contradiction can be summed up thus: Mr. Pitt is a superstar who also happens to be something of a wild card. He has steered clear of action franchises and romantic comedies, the typical cornerstones of a major 21st-century screen career. Although he has not shied from big roles — they don’t come much bigger than Achilles (“Troy”) or Death (“Meet Joe Black”) — he has often sought the cover and camaraderie of ensembles, as in the “Ocean’s” movies and “Inglourious Basterds” (which are among his highest-grossing hits).

Read more. Thanks Jamie & Gabriella.

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Thank you Debra and Fan for your generous donations!!

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I’ve noticed nobody wants to register to my forum. I’ve no idea why but if it is a case of not being able to register. Like the front page of the forum suggests you to do: just send me an email at with your desired username and I will set you up within a day. Easy right? Thought so too :) Looking forward to getting to know you all a whole lot better and discuss Brad and his doings in great depth!

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