Brad Pitt: Total Prankster, Says Moneyball Costar Jonah Hill

“It was scarier to work with Phil, because his character didn’t like me in the movie,” Hill said. “Brad and I are the two leads of the movie and Phil, he doesn’t like us in the movie. He doesn’t like what we represent.

Moneyball is the real-life story about Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane’s (Pitt) attempt to revamp the disgraced baseball team with the help of his assistant general manager (Hill).

Hill echoed what so many other celebs have told us about working with Pitt.

He’s fantastic,” he said. “He’s so giving. He’s just, like, a guy you look up to for so many reasons. He’s the coolest guy! He started playing pranks on me like right off the bat.” Hill declined to say exactly what Mr. Pitt did, but we imagine whoopee cushions were not involved.

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  1. It seems just about all of Brad’s co-stars have the same high opinion of him–Jessica Chastain said the same thing. It is great to read what real people with names have to say, not the “sources and friends” with no names. Both he and Angelina seem to be really respected by their peers, which is just fabulous. Cool to read.

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