1. Yes let’s hope those zombies rip his shirt off and he cannot find a new one thru out the whole movie.

  2. umm..Brad..wth? you got a body of a 20 something yr old./
    Look at the waistline. (I faint)

    btw..SB beauties, I signed Simplybrad.com in the
    guest book of the Style of Jolie when here in Bev Hills, Cali.
    Robert Propcop said Angie will read every comment.
    So, Brad, if you are reading us?
    We not only love you but respect you highly.
    We are so proud of you!

  3. If Brad looks that good in a lousy, blurred photo, how good does he look when it is sharp–I don’t think I could handle it!!!

  4. Tx Fernanda.

    do you guys know it’s like 95% humidty or worst in Malta? Brad works hard for the $.

    tx Josie

  5. this update was definitely worth a look. :D
    great :)
    but it’s a pity that Brad was so far away.. I would LOVE to see his body like CLOSE-UP ! :D :D :) <3333

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