Brad and fam. arrives in Malta

Hollywood star Brad Pitt and his equally celebrated partner Angelina Jolie arrived in Malta on a private aircraft this afternoon (saturday).

Labelled the sexiest stars in film history and attracting major global media attention, the couple who are accompanied by their six adopted and biological children, left Los Angeles yesterday evening in a Bombardier Global Express jet.

They arrived in Malta this afternoon and exited Malta International Airport in a couple of vans from the VIP area.

Brad Pitt was last in Malta in 2003 for the filming of the ancient epic Troy in which he played the mightiest of the Greeks, Achilles. This time round, he is a United Nations worker and father of two girls.

Brad Pitt is in Malta for the filming of World War Z, a movie he is producing.

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  1. What an exciting place to be & be stealth from the
    talons of the razzi all summer.
    Kidds will have a blast.
    I hear WWZ will go be going to Scotland in August
    but we shall see if & when.

    hmm..I’m considering visiting Malta pretty soon. :)

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