New Magazine!

• x010 Studio Cine Live (11). With a HUGE thanks to Nadia!! Yep, this is a new interview and photoshoot. Would anyone be willing to translate it for BP Press please?

Brad will probably appear in more magazines this month, if you’re able to scan it for the website or can tell us about it, please feel free to do so, I would appreciate it very much, so will all the other visitors :)


  1. WOW!!! Thank you for the awesome scans! He looks great!!! I wish someone could translate the interview fow us :)

  2. Hi !
    I’m French and… I can translate it for the website. My english isn’t perfect but I could spend time on it !
    If anyone wants to do it, I will !

    And this interviw is really interesting, particulary about THE TREE OF LIFE ! And of course, Brad looks really handsome on these pictures !

    (Let me know if you want my help for translate it, with an email !)

  3. I try never to use texting abbreviations, but this deserves a big, fat OMG!!! He is just beautiful. He does look happy, relaxed and comfortable in his skin. No bizarre photoshopping that I can see. His ring looks like the pendant that Angelina had made for him. Sweet.

    And from what little French I understand, he actually gets to talk about films and his work, which is refreshing. Thanks for the photos and the excellent site.

  4. Tx Nadia
    I wish I can understand it.
    He looks so relaxed and secure in his place in life.
    It’s nice.
    I’m so hasppy for him and his family.

    btw..there was a sighting Friday in Silverlke in L.A.
    Brad & Angie dined at a Greek restaurant (allegedly)

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