1. Wow! guys you can see a full series of pictures in Zimbio.com in Angie’s part , esp the picture which she huged Tarantino …
    Both of them are amazing ! :) love them so much!

  2. I saw the dress and those fabulous hoop earrings. She looks amazing!! ANd he is soooo sexy in Tom Ford!!! They “ROCK”!!!

  3. They didn’t walk the red carpet so there is only one pic of her standing up and there are videos of them at the table go to Pittwatch.com. She starts a movie this month w/ Johnny Depp so I doubt she is pregnant,

  4. one question: am i blind or why i do not see pics of angie at the directors guild awards ?
    i wonder if she’s really pregnant ?
    help me find out, ya ? :D

  5. Great stuff. I wish we could see his entire speech for QT. The parts I have seen are great. He should get an Oscar for his presentation!! So very cool man.

  6. Wow ! Thanks! I just saw Anggelina’s pictures! She is awesome and I believe Brad is the best one in choosings! Thanks again! I love this couple so so so much! :)

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