New Design

Helu my dear SB visitors. As you must have noticed: a brand new design by Tathy from Night & Day Designs. A stylish one and I absolutely love it.

All in honor of’s nearly 4 year anniversary. Gosh, has it already been 4 years.. Anyways, I thought it was about time SB looked special again instead of that boring white/blue thing it had going for the last few months.

Thanks to everyone that’s been helping me out behind the scenes in so many ways, getting pictures, news, videos, contributing some much needed money to help pay for the SB bills that flow in every once in a while. I still love working on the website and keeping everyone up to date on Brad and whatever he is up to. Here’s to another 4 years! Thanks everyone for your continued support and please let SB remain your main Brad Pitt source.


  1. I love the new layout!
    And congratulations to us all for the 4th anniversary, and a special thank you to our fabulous mistress, the great JOSAN!!!!

  2. I’m gonna miss “The picture of the moment” thingie though on the main page towards the top left that you had earlier on :) that was a really nice feature but i totally agree and belive in change … especially when the change looks this fantastic!!

  3. It looks great and happy anniversary!! you’ve done an amazing job and all of us are grateful to you beyond words. you’re site is “the best” brad site and …. yeah i’m pretty much speechless now :) great great work and thank you so very much

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