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’12 Years a Slave’ Releases Another Sneak Peek

On October 18, viewers will finally get to see Steve McQueen’s movie adaptation of the stunning memoir 12 Years a Slave, written in the 1850s by Solomon Northup. With a cast including Benedict Cumberbatch, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Paul Giamatti, Quvenzhané Wallis from “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” Sarah Paulson of “Mud,” and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Northrup, expectations for McQueen’s film are through the roof. Today, we get another peek at the epic tale with the release of the television trailer.

McQueen’s previous film, the titillating “Shame” starring Michael Fassbender as a sex-addicted thirty-something, spared nothing in its approach to a loaded topic. Our expectation is that McQueen will employ the same raw energy and direction to “12 Years.”

Northrup’s memoir recounts the years following his enslavement. Northrup was born a free man – but on one fateful day, he is kidnapped, drugged, and sold into slavery in Louisiana. What follows is a decade-plus of his quiet wish to find the freedom that was once his. And when that wish comes true, Northrup takes his case to the courts.

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Hollywood actor Brad Pitt meets World War II hero who has NO IDEA who he is

D-Day veteran and ex-Sherman tank crewman Peter Comfort, 90, had the Hollywood legend in fits of laughter

A World War II hero told how he had Hollywood legend Brad Pitt in fits of laughter after telling him he had no idea who he was.

Ex-tank crewman Peter Comfort, 90, got a phone call from the producers of Pitt’s latest blockbuster in which the actor plays the commander of a Sherman tank.

They invited the D-Day veteran on-set to watch the filming of the A-list star’s latest WWII action movie ‘Fury’ and help the actor get to know what life was like living and fighting in a Sherman.

Peter went to meet the Ocean’s Eleven star – and left the film crew in stitches when he told him he’d had to check him out on the internet first.

He said: “Mr Pitt was very friendly and charming actually but I didn’t know who he was.

“I said to him ‘Until last night I didn’t have a clue who you were and then I googled you and you’ve been in quite a lot of films’.

“They all rolled about laughing when I said that.

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