Brad Pitt walks into London dealership

Staff at a London motorcycle dealership looked star struck when Brad Pitt walked in to their showroom today.

The actor popped into HGB Motorcycles in Ruislip and bought a Bell Helmet and Alpinestars Kevlar gloves before posing for pictures.

A source at the branch said: “We wondered what was going on when two big black cars pulled up outside and lots of burly bodyguards got out. We couldn’t believe it when Brad Pitt appeared and came in.”

The Hollywood star has a house in Surrey with his partner Angelina Jolie.

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• x003 May 30 – HGB Motorcycles – Ruislip, UK. Thanks also Maria.

5 thoughts on “Brad Pitt walks into London dealership

  1. Your so right Gaby! I noticed that too. For a 50 year old soon to be man he’s tight! I just lov’em!!!!

  2. Gaby, so agree. His body is “tight” as they asy. I still have a hard time believing this man will be 50 next year. He won the “man’s man” poll at Spike TV too, so he makes women swoon and men admire him. Women admire him too and some men probably swoon as well.

    He is patient with fans and the only photos in England(except for the museum) have been fan photos. That’s nice of him and Angelina does the same. Cool couple.

  3. Did you guys notice the shape of his body?
    Like a marble statue at the Museum. *faints*
    Happy & polite Brad (he posed w/the whole village.. lol.. as people kept coming )

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