“The more flavour and colours we have, the merrier!”: Brad Pitt’s revamped Miraval Studios has contemporary and classic Eventide effect processors

The more we see of the revamped Miraval Studios, the more impressive it looks. The famous facility, which was overhauled by owner Brad Pitt and partner Damien Quintard in 2022, has already hosted the likes of Sade, Steve Lacy and Travis Scott, and it’s now been confirmed that it’s been equipped with a selection of classic and contemporary Eventide effects processors.

As well as Eventide’s current all-singing, all-dancing H9000 multi-effects box, Miraval also has two classic H3000 Ultra-Harmonizers and two examples of the H910 Harmonizer, the world’s first digital effects processor, no less.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the finest equipment in the world,” Quintard explains. “At Miraval Studios, we understand that the artist’s vision is of utmost importance, and our gear and equipment serve as tools for the engineers to help the artists bring that vision to life. With this in mind, we aim to provide as many options as possible to help artists achieve their desired sound. I like to have fun with the classic H910 or the modern H9000. The more flavour and colours we have, the merrier!”

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