Brad Pitt Takes Home A Custom BMW Motorcycle

Brad Pitt finally got to take home his brand-new custom motorcycle this week.

The “Bullet Train” star had to patiently wait for his new “BMW Bobber” to be built by the Pasadena, California-based motorcycle manufacturer, Roughchild.

In a post uploaded to Roughchild’s Instagram page, the company — who specialize in “Air-Cooled BMW Motorcycles modernized and optimized to the highest standard for performance and safety,” per their bio — revealed that production on Pitt’s two-wheeled vehicle began “earlier this year.”

“The appreciation of fine machinery will unite all men. Here’s Brad taking delivery of the Bobber we built him earlier this year,” read the caption featured alongside pics of the actor posing with his motorcycle.

In the comment section of Roughchild’s post, film photographer Frank Masi pointed at Pitt’s collection of “beautiful Custom bikes.

“I photographed Brad on ‘Troy’ and we had lots of great discussions about bikes. I know he’s got some beautiful Custom bikes, but this one takes the cake. Congrats what a beauty!” Masi wrote.

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