Pitt fills an 11th garage in the Silverstone pits at the British Grand Prix

There is an 11th team in the pit lane at the British Grand Prix this weekend, with a lead driver even more globally recognisable than Lewis Hamilton. Hollywood’s Brad Pitt is testing his mettle on the circuit as recording begins for a hi-tech and big-budget production from Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski.

In his new film, Pitt portrays a veteran racer who returns to F1 after decades away from the sport. Amid extensive lengths to attempt to make the film as realistic as possible, the world-famous actor is getting as close as realistically possible to racing in F1 in real life.

During breaks over the next three days, a car with unfamiliar livery is hitting the tracks. Filming includes a mixture of Pitt, his co-star, Damson Idris and a secret professional driver behind the wheel. The team was already on the track on Thursday and there will be about six more breaks during the schedule over the next three days in which the car will appear before fans.

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