How FX’s ‘Dave’ Landed Brad Pitt for Its Season Finale

Pitt plays a version of himself in the comedy from creator/star Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky.

Dave’s guest star roster now includes Brad Pitt.

The movie star guested on the FX comedy’s season three finale as a version of himself opposite creator/star Dave Burd. Pitt, who filmed over several days, many of them night shoots, has considerably more than just a cameo. In fact, FX is submitting him for an Emmy in the guest actor category.

Pitt’s appearance, which has been shrouded in secrecy for many months, began with a passionate, personal letter from Burd to Pitt. In an interview earlier this year, showrunner Jeff Schaffer admits that he and his fellow producers wrote it off as another one of Burd’s crazy pipe dreams. “None of us thought it was going to work, except Dave,” he said, suggesting that it was yet another reminder that Burd and his lofty ideas and declarations should not be dismissed. In this instance, Pitt was rumored to be a fan of Burd’s more-than-semi-autobiographical comedy, which trails his own life and real-world success by a handful of years.

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