French Riviera Gin – The Gardener

This 42% London Dry Gin inspired by the French Riviera is 100% organic and 100% French, the result of a creation from Charente.

Its elegant, fresh and modern style revives the tradition of the great London Dry. The selection of plants and citrus fruits was meticulous and demanding, to create a product with an undeniable taste quality.

The base of this gin is juniper, angelica, liquorice and coriander.

The Gardener was born from the meeting of the craft, with the Perrin family and the artistic, with Brad Pitt. Both united around the beautiful, the good and a passion for the French Riviera, the Master Distiller Tom Nichol joined them, like an artist, to imagine these recipes.

For years, the French Riviera has been attracting artists and craftsmen from all over the world for its unique art of living, its rich biodiveristy and its good living. Today, it is at the heart of a fabulous creation.

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