The First Songs From the ‘Babylon’ Score Sound as Wild as Damien Chazelle’s Next Film Looks

THE FIRST OFFERINGS from the soundtrack to Damien Chazelle’s roaring Twenties Hollywood flick Babylon have arrived with a wild energy to match the film’s hedonistic vibe.

The two songs, “Call Me Manny” and “Voodoo Mama,” are both pulsating blasts of hot jazz stuffed with thundering drums and boozy horns. Composer Justin Hurwitz — who helmed the entire 48-track score — gave Rolling Stone some context for the two songs, too.

“Call Me Manny” plays when Diego Calva’s character, Manny Torres, is thrust into “the whirlwind of a new job.” Meanwhile, “Voodoo Mama” helps kick everything off, blaring as Margot Robbie’s character Nellie LaRoy “takes over the dance floor at the party” that starts the film.

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