Private Dinner With Brad Pitt Was to Be Auctioned Off for Charity in Partnership With Global Green

If dinner with Brad Pitt in September was on your bucket list, for a few hours on Tuesday, it seemed like it could become a reality — for the right price.

Charitybuzz posted an auction item on Tuesday morning that featured an evening with Pitt in support of Global Green and a new initiative the nonprofit is launching with the Oscar winner.

Pitt, who has long ties with the environmental organization through his work in New Orleans, was due to appear at a private dinner at one “of the world’s largest private mansions, located in Beverly Hills.” The winning bidder would have had the opportunity to attend the event, schmooze with Pitt during dedicated “one-on-one time,” take a photo with him, ask some questions and hear about this new partnership.

The lot was meant to include a meet-and-greet experience, dinner and alcoholic beverages over the estimated three-hour experience. The lot’s description makes it clear that proper behavior is expected and it “is not an opportunity for networking, business propositions or script submissions.”

However, that auction was abruptly closed a few hours after it was originally posted and it is no longer being offered. The reason for its removal is unclear but it is understood that the event is still scheduled to go off as planned.

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