5 Responses

  1. gracie says:

    He likes spicy mexican dishes? ok he’s my man……..can you imagine sitting at a restaurtant and be served by Brad???

  2. Gaby says:

    yummy..he also likes to cook? I die!Look at those guns, he must be workin out again.” Fury” started to prep this week @ Fort Irwin here in So. Cali.and I read filming starts in Sept in the UK (lucky Europe again ;)

  3. Nanda says:

    I simply can’t with this man. I can’t.

  4. MaryAnne says:

    If he strolled up to my table with a bowl of homemade guacamole, I would probably pass out.

    Also, congratulations on WWZ being the biggest movie in the world this past weekend. So great to see Brad’s hard work pay off with a well reviewed, popular, and financially successful film!!!

    Also, thanks for this yummy (in more ways than one) video!!

  5. Norma says: