BRAD WHO? How Doug Pitt became a goddamn rock star

Hey, my name’s Doug – ice to meet you.

I WAS late this morning because I was out partying with Doug Pitt. THE Doug Pitt. And we weren’t actually partying.
The star of Virgin Mobile’s brilliant ‘Fair Go Bro’ bro-motion, Doug’s a case of life beginning to imitate art.

He’s actually, kinda, like, a pretty big deal now. Ask your friends.

The red carpet was literally rolled out in Sydney last night for Brad Pitt’s brother, who, in true star style, came late and left early.

Fake paps snapped and clicked and asked me who I was wearing.

“Ah……. orange?”

He popped in and made an appearance. Last night, Doug Pitt wasn’t the nerdy dad from Missouri with three teenagers and a computer shop and a really, really famous brother. Last night, he was THE Doug Pitt.

Read more. Also another interview. Personally I am not really interested in this whole Virgin/Doug stuff but it is family news so yea.