4 thoughts on “benefit reading of the play ‘8’

  1. He had quiet strength and authority. The way he looked over the top of his reading glasses reminded me of President Clinton, who did that all the time. Brad has been consistent in his support of this issue.

    Agree, he was great looking in his three piece suit, and his hair pinned up. His participation changed the line-up as John Reilley was supposed to be the judge, but when Mr. Pitt said he could participate, he got the role and Reilley got the part that Rob Reiner was going to play. The power of Mr. Pitt.

    But he was better suited to the judge than that other part, so I am glad it worked out. I really enjoed Martin Sheen too, but everyone did well. Great job for a great cause. Thanks.

  2. He sure was & I have never seen such a hot judge as his judge Walker (who by the way came out of the closet after being in a 10 yr relationship with a doctor)
    Like someone said, Brad had this authorative vibe.
    Good job & yes, please support the cause against prejudice & discrimination.
    Thank you. :)

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