Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Bring Brad’s Parents To Oscars

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made the Oscars a family affair, bringing the senior Pitts – Jane and Bill – to the event.

“They’re amazing,” Angelia told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on Sunday’s red carpet of Brad’s folks, who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary later this year.

Best Actor Oscar nominee Brad (for “Moneyball”) said his parents’ loving – and long – relationship has been an inspiration.

“I think to have that stability in your life gives you a peace and a calm that allows you to go out and seek the things that interest you and I take great value in it,” Brad told Billy on the red carpet. “I’m glad they could be here tonight.”
It’s well known that Brad and Angelina’s children have brought up marriage to their folks, but Brad told Billy his own parents don’t put pressure on the couple to tie the knot.

“No, mom and dad know we’re already, you know (points to heart), we’re married here,” Brad said.

And mom Jane Pitt expressed the same sentiment when Billy asked her the same question.

“Whatever they want to do,” she told Billy. “We will support them – whatever they do.”
Angelina has said Jane and Bill are part of her support system, and they told Billy they love her.

“We’re proud of her and we help her all we can,” Bill told Billy.

“We love her very much,” Jane added

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  1. They were all just so gorgeous and proud to be together. I think it is just adorable how Angelina always seems to be in charge of Brad’s parents when they attend events and they always have such huge smiles on their faces when they are with her. Mrs. Pitt Sr. just always looks so proud of both Brad and Angelina. So cute.

    Great and extremely handsome couples. Sweet also how the senior Pitt’s 50th Anniversary was a topic. Hope there is a big celebration.

    Thanks again.

  2. That is the only way it can work. Brad said it right, to have a great support team filled with love and admiration is the key! I love Jane and Bill!! And haven’t you notice Brad looks just like his Mom!!!

  3. They sure do Kresta & Brad sure does.
    They all looked so happy & had so much fun.
    Loved that she is the talk of the planet for her leg.
    15,000 Twitter hits as of this morning LOL
    2012 Oscars will be remembered because of them.
    the Sex Bomb & the Hunk of Hunks.

  4. We
    proud of you Jane and bill in terms of ur love and support for Angelina and especially your son Brad. We know
    Brad he love Angie very much.

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