1. Thank you for your kind words Marry Anne and welcome to SimplyBrad.com. I am glad you found us :) Make yourself at home, sit back and enjoy everything Brad ;)

  2. Great site, thanks.

    That top left photo is Shiloh (and Knox) all the way, expression and cheeks!!! With her hair short, she is all William Bradley (with Angelina lips). Great mix of both parents. Handsome family really with all the “toe heads”.

    Glad I found this site. Thanks.

  3. aww..looky the one withy finger pointing to phone. Total Shiloh.Bill Pitt does look a bit like Edward Norton from Fight Club.
    He’s just a blob in his daddy’s arm..aww.
    I wuv them all.
    Tx Josie & JPS for vid.

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