2 thoughts on “Pink mentions Brad as Will

  1. Aw you got me excited! I deffo wanna see this but I gotta find someone to tag along lol. I’ll steal someone’s child ^^

  2. I saw HF2 yesterday. Lovely lovely film with a great message.
    Brad almost steals the film.
    People laughed so much when he was on screen.
    Even as a crustacian, dude is somehow sexy and sweet.
    There are clever words from him.
    One is so funny, when he tells Bill Krill that he doesn’t want children, “too many birthdays to remember” lmao
    It is not just a film for kids, it hits on imp issues like Global Warming, Oil Spills, Tolerance & how imp love & family is.
    We enjoyed it so much & the CGI dancing penguins are so adorable.
    btw..Reese Witherspoon & her kids & hubby was in my theater right in front of us.
    They were laughing so hard too.

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