Melissa Etheridge taught Brad to fish

Brad Pitt has Melissa Etheridge to thank when it comes to helping land one of his early big screen roles.

Melissa stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday, where the rocker revealed that she helped school the leading man in the fine art of fly-fishing back in the early ‘90s.

“I love to fish, I grew up in the Midwest and loved to fish, totally a huge fishing and fly-fishing [fan],” Melissa said during the show’s “Three Things You Don’t Know About…” segment.

“I taught Brad Pitt how to fly-fish in my swimming pool,” she continued. “Back when he had to audition. He was up for the part in ‘A River Runs Through It.’ So, he had to learn how to fly-fish. So there we are in Hollywood, in my pool and I’m teaching him how to do it.”

“How’d he do?” Kit asked.

“Well, he got the part. He did great,” Melissa said with a smile.

The former fly-fishing pals have lost touch in recent years, but it appears Brad still holds a special place in Melissa’s heart.

“He’s a wonderful guy,” she said of the leading man. “I haven’t seen him in years. Love you Brad, wherever you are.”

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