1. Gaby, the guy from E asked where Brad gets his fulfillment (I could not hear the first part).. This seems have amused Brad who said, “family, man, family”. I guess he felt the answer was rather obvious. Great stuff, thanks.

  2. btw..anyone know what that gusd with the E mike asks
    Brad? Believe Brad says, “that’s family stuff” as he laughs it off but politely touches the guy on the shoulders as not to insult him.

  3. ita Norma, he does think before he speaks.
    There is a calm to him that is so beautiful yet sexy at the same time.
    Nothing pretentious or standoff-ish.
    Great find anu.
    tx Josie for posting.
    I just love this interview from last wk’s Bing Theater screening at the Museum of L.A. County.
    I saw the film the first day & I’m still thinking about it.
    Mr. Malick is certainly up there at the top. ita w/Brad.
    It is a wonderful experience to go with the ride TOL
    gives you.
    (take Kleenex)

  4. Thank You, He’s very smart . By what I meant is when you see his interviews, he thinks before he talks and his words are chosen correctly to convey the right message. I just love him and Angie!
    Thank You for the video!

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