Waltz: ‘Basterds wouldn’t have happened without Pitt’

The movie has already picked up a string of accolades and is nominated for eight Academy Awards at the upcoming Oscars in March (09), including Best Picture and Best Director.

Waltz, who is up for a Best Supporting Actor prize at the Oscars, has already picked up a London Critics’ Circle Film Award for Actor of the Year for his role as Colonel Hans Landa in the 2009 movie.

But he’s convinced Quentin Tarantino’s critically-acclaimed film would never have happened if Pitt hadn’t signed up, because Waltz believes the Fight Club star is responsible for making it such a success.

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6 thoughts on “Waltz: ‘Basterds wouldn’t have happened without Pitt’

  1. The only sure thing at this year’s Oscars is MoNique having won ALL awards in her categpry this year. Hope The Hurt Locker wins.

  2. This just makes me respect Christoph Waltz even more. He is aware that it was Brad that made it all happen. I think he respects and likes Brad, and knows what he did to make the film a success, even though he is getting the awards attention (which he deserves as he was great!!). Thanks Mr. Waltz.

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