1. Paramount said that Brad is in NY, has not been in Brazil, and that Brad has not even signed on to Lost City of Z yet so he would not be scouting locations for a film he may not even act in. These rumores are crazy. Albany NY paper says Brad was in Albany last Saturday with Angelina while she was there for a 2 day shoot. I am glad they are getting some privacy but silly rumors begin every time they are out of sight of paps for years now.
    Brad is to begin filming Moneyball in mid to late June looks like in maybe LA.

  2. Hellp Danilo, the most recent picture we have of Brad is the one posted last, in this post. I think Brad is in NY. He will make an appearance in Cannes this month to promote Inglourious Basterds, that’s all the certainty I can give you. Brad is scheduled to film Moneyball this month, but I don’t know where, I assume in the USA. I don’t believe he is in Brasil until I see a picture or read it from a reliable source. I believe this is just one of many rumors that was started this week.

  3. Hi people,

    I´m a journalist from the biggest website of Brazil (http://www.terra.com.br)

    Here is the thing: there is a strong rumor that Brad Pitt is in Brazil to find some locations to the movie ‘The Lost City of Z’ since Monday (5/4/2009).

    A lot of people (more than 50!) tell us that Brad is in Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul state, but our photographers can´t find him.

    Represents of Paramount Pictures in United States said to us that Brad is in New York right now with his kids. Do you guys have any information about that? A recent picture of him in New York or something like that?

    I´m waiting for an answer. Thanks, Danilo

    **Ps. Sorry for my english 

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