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Ray Liotta, 57, has had his share of playing bad guys — even likable ones, as in 1990’s Goodfellas about the life of mobster Henry Hill — but it was a slightly different experience playing the victim, as he does in the upcoming Killing Them Softly, written and directed by Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of […]

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Brad Pitt threw his considerable celebrity behind the documentary “The House I Live In” on Friday night at the Sundance Sunset cinemas in West Hollywood, making a surprise appearance to introduce Eugene Jarecki’s film, joke about his past drug use and tell the audience that the war on drugs is a costly failure. “I think […]

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It is by far and away no secret that Hollywood compensation for a certain cadre of stars have been rocketing beyond the stratosphere for some time now, but one A-lister, in the form of Brad Pitt, says that the era of paychecks reaching into the tens of millions for some may be coming to a […]

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It’s time to say good bye to the Cannes Film Festival, eleven days of madness for me and even a few hours of sleep. There were some highs and lows. A brief summary: HIGH: Teaching Brad Pitt about emoticons. Who knew that the mega-star didn’t know what an emoticon was? OMG. Even though I am […]

Eighteen of the 20 nominees in the acting categories will make an appearance at the Feb. 6 event which honors more than 150 Academy Award contenders. More than 150 Oscar nominees will be honored at the annual Nominees Luncheon on Feb. 6, with nearly all of the nominated actors expected to make an appearance. Eighteen […]

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Several months ago it seemed as though this may be Brad Pitt’s year. For some, he’s a movie star who happens to know how to act. To others he is a talented character actor who happens to be a remarkably good-looking movie star. Pitt himself will often say that he has learned his craft over […]

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