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• x012 Moneyball – Stills. Big thanks to Yukko.

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Pauline Molloy: “I’ve just had the most surreal, fab, magical day with Chris at The Hillhouse in Helensburgh. We walked into the gorunds of the house and who was standing there taking photos?? BRAD PITT!!!! we were about 10 steps away from him. I took out my camera but his securtiy guard said no pics […]

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Apr 28
Thank you

Thank you Sandra for your very gracious donation!! If you want to help out a lil and you can spare a few, please consider to donate to All donations are welcome and of course not obligated. All donations go straight into

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Feb 21
New Candids
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Feb 01
New videos @ DGA

Brad’s complete speech and press room vid: Thanks Gabriella and Nenu for the heads up!

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The presentation began with director Tom McGrath (Madagascar) talking about the film and the premise. Imagine if Superman (without the powers but same origin) was raised by criminals. That’s Megamind (voiced by Will Ferrell). The back-story is Megamind was sent to Earth but instead of being raised by caring parents, he landed in a prison […]

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