Brad Pitt Turned Down Netflix’s New David Fincher Thriller

Brad Pitt thought Netflix’s new actioner, The Killer, was so violent and mean-spirited that he turned down the lead role. Despite David Fincher, Pitt’s frequent collaborator, developing and directing the project, the Bullet Train star couldn’t be convinced. Fincher recently revealed the info in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The Killer stars Michael Fassbender as a nameless assassin on a job in Paris. After the hit goes wrong, and his loved ones are targeted by a shadowy enforcer (Tilda Swinton), the killer sets about executing his bloody revenge.

Fincher began developing the comedic thriller back in 2007 when he first became aware of the source graphic novel. At the time, he was finishing off The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which marked the director’s third collaboration with Pitt after Se7en and Fight Club. Fincher was hoping for a fourth team-up on The Killer with the Troy stunner. But Pitt wasn’t feeling it.

“I’d originally been thinking of Brad back in 2008,” Fincher said. “But his response had been, ‘Eh, a little too nihilistic for me.’”

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