Miraval signs exclusive deal with the Campari Group

An exclusive distribution deal with the Campari Group suggests that Miraval is looking to position its pink wines within the aperitif sector.

Miraval has signed an exclusive contract with the Italian drinks company for it to handle the distribution of all Miraval’s wines in the US and France, the two biggest markets for Provence rosé wines.

Given that the Campari Group dominates the aperitif segment due to its Campari and Aperol brands, it seems fair to suggest that Miraval intends to promote its rosé as a pre-dinner drink, rather than pursue the premium on-trade by emphasising the wines’ gastronomic qualities as other Provence producers have done in recent years.

According to a statement issued by Miraval, it plans not only to draw on the Campari Group’s “commercial organisation throughout the two countries”, but also on its position as “a leader in the key aperitif segment”, in order to “meet its latest goals”.

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