Brad talks about speaking German

Hollywood star Brad Pitt (50) would like to be able to speak good German. “I like the language. I think they even beautiful and melodic, if you pronounce it not too loud and hard”, the actor told the Munich daily newspaper.

He has long been trying to improve his German language skills. “I have some very good friends in Germany. Also, I am an art fan, and there are many great artists there, “explained Pitt, to his favorite films, the war drama “Das Boot” is one. From 1 January 2015. He is an American tank commander in the drama “Fury – Heart of Steel” to see the plays in the last weeks of the Second World War.

His marriage with US actress Angelina Jolie has been long overdue in the opinion of the 50-year-olds. “I mean, we have six children,” the US actor the BBC said on the sidelines of the festival premiere of “Heart of Steel” in London. About the wedding ceremony Pitt said: “I was surprised how much it moved me. There is already a commitment, it is more than just a piece of paper.”

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