1. He’s really a great example and not just for his children! How amazing he really knows the people there, it shows just how big his heart is!

  2. ita, it’s Knox the hopefully future architect. :)
    People wrote “they”; that is wrong.
    He said, I got “one”

  3. I agree that Mr. Pitt is a special man. It was great to see how much the people enjoyed having him there and him knowing their names was special.

    I think he was talking about Knox being a future architect. I don’t see the older boys using crayons and he did say “he/him”. Cute.
    Great video and thanks.

  4. i just watched it on TV, Ellen did not have more footage, this was it.
    Ah, man I can listen to Brad talk till eternity.
    I am so proud of him and how nice that he greeted the folks by their name.A wondeful polite man

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