January 23, 2012

Brad won the Best Actor award for Moneyball! And Best Supporting Actor for Tree of Life.

Tree of Life also won Best Director, Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography, and Best Art Direction. Moneyball also won Best Adapted Screenplay. Read more. Thanks Mickey.

One response to “Win: Georgia Critics Awards”

  1. gaby says:

    I am so pleased some people finally recognize Brad as a great actor instead of just a handsome face & body.
    I don’t have faith in the cademy giving him the Oscar (too good looking as history proves, those talented actors get it at old age or when they are sick ..I know..blek)
    BUT, if he does get it, Josie you will hear me scream from L.A.
    He deserves it..so so many critics agreed.
    I will not watch any more award shows, Clooney wins it all in this catagory. Dude sure knows the game of scmooze & kiss ass.
    It’s AOK if Brad doesn’t win, he has his beautiful loving family to keep him warm & happy.
    Clooney lives for awards. (must keep him warm at nights lol)
    btw..Brad was accepted as the 5,000th member of the prestigious Producers Guild.
    congrats baby!