November 16, 2009

• x07 Troy – On set thanks also Marie Do.
• x02 Se7en – Sorel Photography thanks Gabriella & Peter Sorel.
• x11 The Mexican – On set.
• x14 Twelve Monkeys – Scans.

7 responses to “BP Gallery Update”

  1. Matina says:

    At each level of his life , he was and he is a legend .. just can’t understand how some body could be this much perfect … he is the best ..

  2. admin says:

    He’s only human Matina, gotta get some perspective…

  3. Matina says:

    I did not say that he is strange creature .. I just ment to say that he is perfect in any way .. that’s all …

  4. Matina says:

    Thanks for the pictures .. have not seen them before

  5. admin says:

    Yea that was my point: he is not perfect: he is only human.

  6. Matina says:

    You know .. every one has got a kinda theory and kinda stansards in his or her mind .. I like him and I believe that he is perfect … anyway.. maybe I am wrong .. I dunno

  7. Matina says:

    you know some thing? I like you cause you are so careful about our comments and you are so accurate in each word .. thanks for that ..